As the pace of filming finally starts getting back to normal, more COVID-19 production assistants are needed than ever before.

Unfortunately, the pool of experienced COVID-19 production assistance is very shallow and productions are now being forced to hire people with no on-set experience in these roles.

The role of the COVID-19 production assistant is not an easy one. Film sets are demanding environments during the best of times, they have a unique language, logic, and process.

With these challenges in mind, Vigilant EHS is proud to offer an industry first; an online program for comprehensive COVID-19 Production Assistants Training.

Vigilant EHS has been at the forefront of building and providing COVID-19 compliance teams to the entertainment industry. We have learned through hard experience that practical production knowledge is the foundation for effectiveness.

We have leveraged our experience to create a curriculum that addresses the most common sources of new-hire-failure. Our course assumes no prior entertainment industry experience and focuses on creating effective COVID-19 production assistants in the shortest time possible.

The course is 80 minutes long and focuses on the following topics.

1. Production 101; how to read a call sheet and what it means for you as a COVID-19 PA.
2. Set Life and Self Care; how to avoid common problems and protect yourself during difficult filming conditions.
3. COVID-19 Basic Science and Protocols.
4. Soft Skills and On-Set Effectiveness; strategies for building rapport and trust and interacting with cast and crew in the most effective way possible.

There is a quiz after each section to measure understanding and retention of material and a certificate awarded upon successful completion.

We host this class on the Thinkific platform which allows a great deal of logistical and billing flexibility for your organization.

To view the course and take it for free, please follow these instructions.
1. You must first sign up/ get an account with Thinkific. You can create an account from scratch or sign in with Google, Facebook, etc.
2. Once signed in you will see an option to pay for the course with PayPal $200.00. Just above the yellow PayPal button there is a link to “Have a coupon”
3. Apply this coupon for this course only: trainvehs100
4. For ease of viewing and navigation we have set the quiz pass requirements to 0% and enabled you to view sequences out-of-order. The student experience will require a passing grade on the quizzes and require that they do the sections in order.

Thank you for taking the time to view this course, we hope that you find it valuable and we are looking forward to working with you.

The information in this course is intentionally basic but it lays the appropriate foundation for further training. A larger and more comprehensive curriculum is available upon request.

If you have training needs not addressed by this course, please contact us. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly create and modify meaningful and actionable training to suit our client’s needs.

Contact me at if you have any questions about the training or if you run into any technical difficulties.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Donnie Bruno