Eric Busch
Vigilant EHS Solutions, Inc.
Eric is a seasoned Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) executive with three decades of experience providing risk management and mitigation for large and small organizations.

At Sony Pictures, he lead the Global EHS function, managing risk across all sectors of the business in partnership with corporate leaders in Legal, Security, HR, Risk Management and Production. He was responsible for enterprise-wide business continuity effort, occupational health and safety, environmental compliance, sustainability and medical clinic management.
As part of his responsibilities, he lead the production safety team, providing strategic direction, reducing risk, supporting productions and representing Sony in regulatory, legal and industry-wide matters.

At Northrop Grumman, Eric implemented new manufacturing and database systems across several lines of business in support of occupational safety and environmental compliance programs. As a successful entrepreneur, he has co-founded three businesses: Vigilant EHS Solutions, Inc., Electric Bikes LA, Inc. and HazAwayToday.

He also served as the Mayor of El Segundo, leading a community with over 400 employees and a $110M+ budget.

This broad experience uniquely positions Eric to share a wide variety of skills which can solve problems quickly and efficiently at the corporate and business unit level.
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Dave Michalski
Vigilant EHS Solutions, Inc.
Dave is an accomplished senior executive with 25 years of experience providing operational strength, leadership and safety management to a diversity of industries and communities he has served.

As a team member and operations leader for Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue, Dave has participated in over 250 operations, while also serving as Chief Equipment Officer, managing the operational readiness of the team, emergency vehicles and equipment. Dave’s strong leadership, fundraising ability and collaborated approach, facilitated the building of the Search and Rescue team’s first headquarters, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.
At Defenders, Dave developed, implemented and managed the sales and operational teams for Central Oregon, Alaska, Central Coast of California and Southern California. Building on a foundation of leadership and development of his teams, he built several of the company’s most successful territories.

Dave’s diverse and extensive skillset, positions him to be an incredible asset in the proficient elimination or mitigation of risk in the field or at the cooperate level.